Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween does not only have to be about blood and gore; it is possible to sport beautiful Halloween looks even when you are not a big fan of the trademark Halloween bloody look. Incidentally, you will find many people flaunting striking and appealing Halloween makeup that are indeed eye-catchy and pleasant.

These makeup ideas can be put to practice when you have quality cosmetics from reputed brands. And to get these for discounted rates you need to grab the latest Lime Crime coupon. With promotional codes from Lime Crime, you can buy glitters and sparkle, lipsticks in different shades, and a whole range of eye-shadow shades to adorn the beautiful Halloween look. These attractive makeup ideas are for women who are passionate about taking part in the festival and dressing up without making themselves look like deadly vampires and zombies.

  1. White Sugar Skull Look: This makeup involves painting a skull but it is done in an aesthetically beautiful way. All the detailing is done in white instead of the usual black, and this offers a rather soft, pretty and light look. There are pearls dotted on the skull. And this overall pearly white skull look is a definite showstopper for any Halloween event.
  2. Magical Mermaid Makeup Look: Mermaid makeup is always a big favorite of those who are keen to dress up during Halloween. And this mermaid magical makeup involves a purple and pink color palette. These shades offer a rather mystical appearance which is very pleasing to the eye. You can use stencils to create the mermaid look and make use of sequins.
  3. Glam Spider Web Makeup: While spider web looks are quite common for Halloween, this one is a little different and more eye-catchy. It is glamorous as it uses a dramatic purple for smoky eyes and a huge web drawn over one eye. This web is made jazzier with gems and glitter in different colors.
  4. Cute Deer Makeup Look: Deer makeup has always been one of the most popular looks for Halloween and it is a great choice when you are not keen to put on scary makeup. The cute deer look is easy to create and can be an excellent choice for any last-minute party.
  5. Cute Doll Makeup: Doll makeup for Halloween is a common theme but these are usually made to look creepy and ghoulish. However, you can make yourself look cute with doll makeup also; for this you need to apply eye-makeup as you would normally do and draw some prominent eyelashes using an eye liner. You can even add some freckles and draw a small lip look complete with bright lipstick.

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