things about wikipedia

Who in this world would not have an idea about Wikipedia? The biggest online encyclopedia platform in the world is almost renowned to the world but there are people who just know Wikipedia as a platform and don’t have the exact idea of what it is or what it does offers and how it came through to become the fifth most visited website in the world. Thus, here are a few facts about Wikipedia that are not known to most people.

  1. Wikipedia was created in 2001. The idea behind Wikipedia was to make an online encyclopedia that could bring information about the world to people who are accessing it. The founders initially thought that this would be done through in-house working but soon they realized that achieving such a target in such a short time was not possible through working on it in-house and thus Wikipedia was made open for contributions and this is how anyone now can become a Wikipedia page creator.
  2. Another fact that people don’t about it yet is that it is a website that is now being used as a content marketing platform. Yes, the online encyclopedia has now turned into a content marketing platform. Marketers have seen potential benefits in the platform which has made them consider this platform for different marketing purposes however the guidelines and requirements have restricted or constrained the people to use it for marketing purposes. Professional Wikipedia Page Creator can thus contemplate on bringing the perfect balance between requirements and marketing purposes.
  3. People have often and mostly accessed the website in just one language which is universal. However, what people don’t know about Wikipedia is that it can be accessed in 302 languages. This might be shocking for most of the people but that is surely a fact about Wikipedia.
  4. It has now become a professional field. Well, that is certainly one of the most surprising and shocking facts among the five that I have mentioned here. It is that people now look at Wikipedia as a content marketing platform but they have a difficult time in finding the perfect balance between Wikipedia guidelines and marketing purposes and thus there are professionals who work on it with better delicacy. These professionals can acutely make your page to be used for marketing.
  5. The fifth and last fact that I am going to mention might be known to people who have used Wikipedia for creating a page. It is that Wikipedia offers a feature that makes you have a look at the statistics and number of the page. Through this, you can track the page activities and can contemplate on bringing the better strategies of content marketing into play. Moreover, it can benefit you to get the ideas about from where people are accessing you as a brand or individual and then it could be used for your entire marketing.

These are the facts that are little known about Wikipedia and could be really useful and could come in handy when you are working on this platform with some professional purposes.