Love is a standout amongst the most significant and influential feelings known to the human race.
A long term relationship along with a compatible partner is what everybody desires for. As per free love Tarot reading, emotional connections are an essential component of human beings and provides a sense of profound satisfaction and deep fulfilment.

According to Tarot reading for love, we need to learn to adore ourselves and cherish each other’s company to make any companionship fruitful.
Failed relationships can lead to depression but learning from our very own slip-ups can add colors to our future relationships.
The Tarot card reading for love prediction provides a precise picture of our past, present, and future love life. It also offers valuable insights into what went wrong, how we can make things right and how our actions influence our love life.
The article ahead will focus on the 7card Tarot spread that answers the most habitually made inquiries:
  • Will this love flourish?
  • Where is my love relationship heading?
  • Am I in agreement with my partner?

This 7 Tarot Card Spread answers questions about your current situation along with a forecast of your future love life.

Lets now see how it works: To start with shuffle the cards and cut the deck three times, think of a question and then pick 7 cards placing them in a random order. Turn each card one by one to analyze and interpret what they mean.

1st card: The Querent

The card appearing in the first position gives valuable insight into your position in the current relationship. If you want to know when will you get married? The appearance of cards like Justice or Hierophant will confirm fruitful alliance.

2nd card: The Partner

The second card represents your Partner and gives valuable information to what he/she is going to add to the relationship. What issues are they facing right now and where are they headed towards. The 2nd card will give you valuable information about your partner along with the relationship secrets.

3rd card: The present condition

This card depicts your present relationship status.What is going on in your love life? Is there a misunderstanding giving birth to turmoil? What is the love forecast for today and how well will the day pass by?
The 3rd card in a love tarot reading for singles helps in understanding the current situation of your love life.

4th card: What’s coming your way?

This card gives you a general forecast of your future connections like, is there a rough time coming your way, or will everything flow smoothly? This card is believed to have the potential to change the final results so keep the next 3 cards in consideration while analysing the 4th card. It is often referred to as the general forecast card.

5th card: The heart of the matter

Whether you are having a sweet or sour relationship, this card gives your valuable insight on what exactly your relationship is going through and what forms the main essence of your love union. From a simple misunderstanding to a rough storm it tells you everything you wish to know about your love life.

Card 6: Short term future forecast, 0-6 months prediction

Known as the 0-6 months card or the short-term future card this card provides answers to questions related to specific time frames. Know important dates and times along with the direction in which your relationship is headed in the next few months.

Card 7- 6-12 months, Long term future outlook

The 7th card is the last card in the spread of free Tarot cards for reading love life. It correctly answers your questions related to love life. Since it appears after a series of cards; it gives an overall picture of your future connections and partnerships.
It gives you clear symbols by providing information about life-changing events in your married life.

If you want to strengthen your relationships and are willing to go a step ahead, then Tarot reading for love is what you need. Ask questions and seek answers related to your soulmate and love life.