In today’s world, the internet has become one of our necessities. For entertainment purposes, instead of depending solely on the internet, mobile users have the option to store their collection of videos in their own devices by downloading from the internet. Users can watch favorite videos on leisure hours when there is no access to the internet. Youtube allows us to watch videos online, but it restricts downloading and here comes the role of vidmet. Vidmate is a third party Video Downloader App compatible with all types of devices and can be used to download videos from any website. It is very popular because it is user-friendly, free of cost, offers speed, accuracy and no unnecessary pop-ups and buffering.

What are the best features of Vidmate?

It is a fast loading app. It allows the download of multiple files of different formats and resolutions simultaneously. Its performance is high, even with a slow internet connection. Unlimited videos can be downloaded at completely free of cost. The Vidmate latest version 4.0 is completely bug-free. In addition to downloading feature, it provides watching of Live TV. Hence, users will never miss out on any news, sports, TV serials, etc. Vidmate allows us to choose languages, and there are no unnecessary advertisements in between. So, one can enjoy watching video after video uninterruptedly. The best quality is the search option on the movie list. There are different categories of movies, and in case the user needs help in choosing a movie, it has the feature to provide a small description of the movie as a guide for the selection. There is the service of personalized recommendations also. According to the history of the user, Vidmate recommends playlists, which makes the app truly interesting and saves users’ time and energy too.

Is Vidmate the best in the market?

Other such video download apps are competing in the market, namely, Tubemate, Snaptube, etc. Concerning the features available for downloads, there is not much difference between the apps. But if overall performance analysis is done, Vidmate offers watching Live TV in more than 200 channels, and this feature keeps it way ahead of all its competitors.

Is it illegal to use Vidmate?

Vidmate can be downloaded from official website or 9apps only. Google does not allow downloading videos from youtube for copyright issues, so vidmate is not available in google play store. If a movie is downloaded, then this is called piracy, and it is a crime. Third-party websites are tracking downloads, and therefore, it is risky to randomly download videos. Vidmate itself is not an illegal application. It is up to the users to maintain the legality of the app and follow all cyber rules and regulations.

Information Technology has been a blessing to humanity. It has brought a revolutionary change in the outlook of every single individual. It empowers users with unlimited information. Vidmate is one of the great innovations in the IT industry. Though entertainment is its main utility, youth and especially students can also make the best use of it by watching e-learning videos and other learning resources to gain knowledge from world-class lecturers. Users need to be trained and given the best direction so that developers of apps like Vidmate feel motivated to continue with their research work.