Romantic Honeymoon package

Mussoorie, also known as the queen of hills, is situated in the heart of Uttarakhand. It’s a convenient getaway for anyone looking forward to enjoying nature at its true beauty. This place will provide you a memorable experience, through its splendid honeymoon vibes. As this place is a prime tourist spot, couples find it truly amazing to spend their dream vacation here.

When a trip is planned, the first thing to do is always book a hotel, which is convenient and comfortable. Mussoorie provides you with a variety of luxury hotels with a perfect view of the mountains. The hotels here are famous for their hospitality. They provide you with state of the art modern amenities for a perfect stay.

Necessary amenities provided at hotels in Mussoorie:

Hotels in Mussoorie are flawless and offer round the clock service to all its tourists. As a couple, your honeymoon suite would consist of the following:

  • Perfect location
  • Rooms along with an attached
  • Serene View of the mountains.
  • Excellent hospitality.
  • Spa and relaxation.
  • The terrace has a beautiful view of the valley.
  • Great car parking facilities.
  • Facilities like travel assistance, picnic advisor, doctor on call, bar, internet, etc.
  • Various kinds of rooms like deluxe rooms, cottage or Victorian rooms, imperial rooms and family suites are available with modern facilities.
  • Food- local cuisines are available.

Some of the Basic facilities also include:

  • Daily room service.
  • Complimentary drinks for the newlyweds.
  • Telephone and A.C.
  • Wi-Fi and television
  • Hot water and clean washrooms.
  • Foodservice

Mussoorie is mostly visited by newlyweds for their honeymoon to mark their first journey together, thereby creating a memorable experience. The newlyweds embark their romantic journey here in the beautiful hilly land with scenic views of landscapes, waterfalls, caves, and resorts. Couples who tend to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills can pick exotic Mussoorie honeymoon package, which includes both fun and adventure for a unique experience.

Activities and places included in the package:

  • Sky walking, mountaineering, paragliding, and rafting.
  • Hiking or trekking is provided to explore the woods of Mussoorie.
  • Roller skating- As this place has the largest roller skating rink.
  • Winemaking workshops and tasting it.
  • There are few bazaars like Kulri bazaar, Tibetan market and mall road which are the best place for shopaholics.

Why choose Mussoorie as a holiday destination?

Mussoorie is like a dream of clouds floating by your side. This place has a very pleasant atmosphere and is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and hilltops. It is a famous honeymoon spot in India as it provides solitude to the newlyweds and helps them to bond with each other. Honeymoon in this place is the best way to celebrate the relationship and embark on a new journey ahead. The place has all the features to make it all soothing for the couple to relax and spend some time with each other. That is why Mussoorie promises the best romantic experience for the couple in the midst of the Himalayas!