Online Purchases Are Changing

Assistance but above all online shopping. This platform offers new opportunities for users and especially for those who do business online

Before telling you how Actions on Google is changing (and perhaps revolutionizing) the user experience and how to shop online, I ask you to take a step back…

About six months ago, Google had officially announced the arrival of Actions on Google in Italian. Thanks to Actions, the Mountain View’s virtual assistant was no longer limited to answering simple vocal questions, but aimed to offer a richer experience through very different apps and services.

The news, at least here in Italy, has not had an exceptional echo. Yet underestimating what its potential is would be a mistake. And in this article I’ll explain why. And I will talk to you, above all, about how you can change not so much the relationship with your customers and your leads, but how to be found and interact with them.

Now let’s see what Actions on Google is and what exactly it is.

Actions on Google allows developers to create specific applications for the Google Assistant simply by using Big G technologies. In this way it becomes possible to develop two-way conversation apps for the Google Assistant, from games to home automation.

In reality, the project is not new but dates back to 2016. The Actions platform simplifies the use of Assistant as it allows users to interact with their device without typing on the keyboard.

And the ability to integrate with third-party apps makes it easier to use this tool on all devices, starting with smartphones (iOS and Android).

The market for voice assistants

The objective is clear: to focus increasingly on voice search. After years in which, apart from Siri, it seemed that the major brands this type of research, here is that the vocal search has returned forcefully in fashion. Not only Google Home, but also Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft.

We immediately clear the field of possible misunderstandings. These voice assistants have made and are making great strides, but, at least for the moment, they remain tied to a question- and -answer paradigm and are not yet able to sustain a fluid and continuous conversation.

We’ll get there.

The point is that in the States almost one in two Americans now relies on a voice assistant. This trend, which will soon also involve the European and Italian markets, has led companies to invest more and more in this technology.

Actions on Google

Returning to Actions on Google, the potential of this new technology is evident. Companies can develop their apps and integrate them with Google devices to improve the user experience significantly (and win new leads).

From the devices that control the temperature that have already “circulated” for a few months and that allow you to set the desired temperature by simply indicating it with the voice using commands like ” Hey Google, point the temperature to 22 degrees “. And our virtual assistant will answer: “Of course, the temperature set at 22 degrees!”

Domestics allows an extraordinary integration with devices that otherwise (in the case of Google Home) would have a limited utility. Some people who know it use it practically only as an alarm clock and as a timer to control the spaghetti cooking time!

Actually Actions on Google allows you to do more and can become a marketing tool that should not be underestimated … Because more and more people will ask Google where some specific shops or businesses are located nearby.

It is no coincidence that some companies are already investing in this technology. Such as Esselunga which has implemented its online shopping service with the ability to conveniently add items to the shopping list with a voice command.

I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll do it soon and let you know how it works :-).

But not only famous brands in the apps already available on Actions. Among others I was struck by Daphne Trails, a service that helps you discover wine cellars or plan a food and wine tour thanks to a database that includes 13 thousand wineries to search and automatically sort by distance from your current location or by another chosen location.

These are just a few examples, but they show how Actions will modify (or modify) the users’ shopping experience. And knowing these dynamics in time is fundamental for businesses that want to be found by their target by offering a multi-channel experience that goes beyond the official website or online shop.

And always with regards to purchases…

Go shopping with Google’s assistant

Google has officially introduced a new “Shopping Actions” system that offers a solution dedicated to managing online purchases.

In practice it allows surfers to buy any product directly from Serp search engine or through the Google Assistant, always using speech.


The new platform signed by Google is still in its infancy. However, it is not a simple tool that can enhance your brand but, as I told you before, it represents a preview of what will soon be a new way to shop online.

Knowing it today can allow you to better face your entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow.

Author Bio:

Angela Martin is a specialist in content marketing, she has a vast experience in writing different content on various topics. Currently, she is associated with the Post Production Studios In Dubai. In the meantime, she also manages her own blog and reading books.