A career in Sociology will make you study the social behavior of humans. It is more than human behavior as will learn the causes as well as consequences. Top College for BA in Sociology will make you understand human behavior via social interactions and how societies change and develop.

Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology let you grab many opportunities at media, law, criminal justice, social service, private practice, hospitals, and so on.

Sociology is a vast field and there are different specializations in this one. One can choose the specialization as per his choice and interests. Being a sociologist requires patience and dedication.

Employers generally look for those candidates whose research and communication skills are good and they have the ability of detailed observation. The candidate must have critical thinking skills too as one need to diagnose the problem and solve it.

On completion of a Bachelor’s degree, one can choose any career profile such as consultant, counselor, and educator. Advanced degree in Sociology will help you to work on job profiles of community developers, gerontologists, research analysts, criminologists, demographers, survey researchers, and so on.

Job Roles after completion of BA Hons. in sociology

A Bachelor of Arts Hons. Sociology graduate can get the job in a number of sectors. As the sociology graduate has skills to understand the needs of this dynamic society, they can fit efficiently in roles that deal directly with people. There are many options for them.

Some of the major firms where sociology graduates are in great demand are as follows:

  • Media and Mass Communication
  • Human Resource
  • Education
  • International Agencies
  • Law firms
  • Private Businesses
  • Public Health Organization
  • PR firms
  • Advertising Firms

Even, there are some important career roles associated with Sociology graduates. These are as follows:

  • Geo-Political Risk Analyst: In this role, the analyst needs to collect the relevant information via multiple resources and the use of sociological risks for analyzing the impact of specific geopolitical events on the behavior of the clients.
  • Data Analyst: An individual with a sociology background is skilled to analyze the collected data via public relation and research.
  • Sales Executive: Degree in Sociology aids in developing many perspectives towards the needs of society. Therefore, suitable for sales profile too.
  • Social Worker: Degree in Sociology helps in understanding the issues prevailing in the society and this characteristic makes the individual perfect for social worker profile.
  • Journalist: The Sociology degree aids in analyzing the behavior of society in different contexts, therefore, a person can be a good journalist.
  • HR Executive: graduates of Sociology study human behavior and this skill makes them a perfect candidate to work as the HR executive.
  • Teacher: After the completion of this course, the candidate can also work as a school teacher.
  • PR Executive: Amazing people skills of Sociology graduate can be used for making public relations.

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