Many of us are spending most of our money near dermatologists. Getting tired of the hair all problems, and to escape from the embarrassment in the public we are ready to do anything. But without knowing the root cause, we can’t fix the nature of the treatment.But it is always best to go with the proven medicines and science. One such healing science which got a tradition of above 5000 years. Treating many imbalances in the body of a human Ayurveda suggests some strict practices to be followed in life. Ayurvedic oils are turned out to be a very effective method in hair care treatment and many proven results are confirming authenticity. Extremely simple Ayurvedic hair growing tips and food are available and are detailed in the following session.

Herbs and food for hair nourishment

  1. Bhringaraj

Bringaraj is a herb that abundantly grows in humid areas. This herb is proven to be effective in healing the wounded skins. The hair growth is normally felicitated by the hair follicles on the scalp. The special and deep penetrating effects of the bhringaraj helps to activate these hair follicles thereby enhancing the hair growth. The thick black hairs will be the result after the application of the bhringaraj oil. It is considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall. One can either purchase them from the shops or can prepare the same at home with traditional methods. If you are managed to get enough of Bhringaraj, dry them up and grind it into powder.Heating this powder with coconut oil will give you a nice aromatic hair oil meeting all your requirements.

  1. Fenugreek

These divine seeds are the treasures in our kitchen and always recognized as the best remedy for dandruff treatment. Most of the fitness and beauty paybacks are derived from the fenugreek, even though they are not of Indian origin. Enriched with many vitamins like vitamin A,K, C and folic acid they treat the dry scalp. The minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron improve the hair growth from the root level internally. The hair thinning problems can be solved up to a great extent with the protein-rich fenugreek intake and application on the scalp. One can use it in the form of paste or powder all over the scalp and wash it away easily.

  1. Gooseberries (Amlas)

In India, the gooseberries have found profound use in hair care treatments. One of the greatest villains in hair fall is the lack of vitamin C in the food supply. The gooseberries are enriched with vitamin C and trigger the hair follicles by maintaining the optimum pH on the scalp. Many best Ayurvedic hair oils for hair loss include amla as the main ingredient. Amla intake and massaging the amla oil will definitely help you out with many of the hair problems.

  1. Brahmi

Brahmins are known to be the wonder herbs in Ayurveda with its multi-facet functionality. They are a well-known ingredient of many memory boosting medicines, as well as act as great stress relievers. Many researchers have proven that one of the major reason for hair fall is the overstress.Brahmi calms down the mind with a soothing effect.

Winding up,

As long as the human race exists the magnitude of beauty and health will be mounting. The influence of Ayurvedic product can never be derelict in this context. We can practice and pass the good traits of Ayurveda to our future generations.