The entertainment is no more restricted to a few avenues in this era. Technology has made it simple for the users to get the best videos easily available from different platforms and that is why the role of technology has become imperative now. Many people love to watch videos on different devices that can entertain them and also help them to share the same to others. It becomes difficult for the users to share the videos to those who are not present on the same platform and hence they need to forward the same with the help of some messengers and apps. In such case, the video needs to be available on the device so that the concerned platform or app can carry the same to the other viewers. The biggest problem is the platform itself where such videos are available as they do not allow the user to have the video on a smartphone or computer as well as tablet.

The Vidmate app:

Among the best apps that can help the user get the video from any platform the name of vidmate tops the list. It is an app that is used by many video lovers and got accurate results. The process of the download and use it easy and one can use it without having any technical knowledge also.  The vidmate app is not a part of the Google play store, and hence people do not find it there. It is available on the site called 9Apps which is its official website, and one can find a link there to download the app as required. There are also various resolutions as per which the videos can be seen.
How to get the app and concerned video?

On the site of the app, the link is provided where one needs to click. Once there is click on the link, the app will be downloaded to the device. The user may be prompt for the permission of access to various files which he needs to allow. The app after being downloaded is installed automatically. When the user wants to get a video, he needs to paste the link of the concerned video on the app, and it will get the video on its own. The video may be downloaded to the ‘downloads’ folder on the device from where one can easily see it.

If one wants to share the video, he can go to the concerned messenger or app and upload the same like normal other videos. Due to the video availability on the device, he can watch the same as per his comfort. The user can also download the video on the format of high resolution to have complete entertainment.

Hence those who love videos to be on their device this app can be of immense use. It also occupies less space on the storage and one can easily get the video without any technical knowledge of the same. The only condition here is the link of the video must be right and not broken one.
Written by Sandeep
Sandeep Dhiman is a techy geek and admires to open his mind into articles about latest tech feeds and inventions.