politics movies

Different divas, tastes or movies have been produced in India. Bollywood has gone on to witness all the emotions and targets in life. In the midst of all this is politics. Quite a few of the Indian movies have the flair of politics in a new form.

Yes, you might have gone on to watch the movies or there is a strong possibility that you missed the character. Whatever is the case you might come across loads of such movies. Let us explore some of the popular movies of Bollywood that have a tinge of politics attached to it.


After this brother is killed and his father is injured by terrorists a young man has to quit his studies and join the Indian Police force. In this agenda, he is trying to remove the terrorists. Mathew Mathan was the director of the movie and Amir Khan did a great job. An interesting feature of this movie is an attempt is made to disrupt the investigation, but it did not avail of any concrete results.


The plot around the movie revolves around a judgment by the Supreme Court about the friendship of a man along with his loyalties. Prakash Jha went on to direct the movie. Saif Ali Khan and Amitabh Bacchan are the main characters of the movie where Deepika Padukone plays the female lead. If you love politics then you should definitely watch the movie.


Directed by Ram GopalVerma the story revolves around a man who runs a parallel government like in Mumbai. His son goes on to tackle the enemies. The movie is full of conspiracy, action and full-fledged politics. In this movie, you are likely to come across a lot of punch lines. The duo of Amitabh and Abhishek Bachan has gone on to do a great job in the movie.


Directed in the year 2005, the plot of the movie revolves around Anita Rajan, CEO of Sheppard Power Plant. He goes on to bring a power plant in rural Maharashtra before the perceptive Shankar is asked to take certain actions. In this movie, there is a lot of action-packed.  Once again, Ram Gopal Verma has done a great job in this movie.

Paan Singh Tomar

The story revolves around an Indian athlete who was a seven-time steeplechase champion and after his retirement, he turned out to be one of the most sought out dacoits in the Chambal Valley. You have to figure out what type of politics the movies covered and why the audience is known to be glued to the movie. The director of the movie is Tigmanshu Dhulia and the star cast boasts of some of the prominent names in the industry.

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