Indian men tend to become bald at a very young age. That results in them looking older than they are! Losing hair can result in a loss in your personality. Hair is the feature of your body that completely changes your look. A good, new haircut can instantly make you look attractive and add charisma to your personality. An essential feature of both men and women, we all drool over someone with thick and luscious hair. From getting regular hair spas to changing your shampoo and conditioner to suit the hard water, the harsh weather, and to withstand pollution.

Alas! What a shame to lose one of your most charismatic features to age and other factors like balding genes. Even patients undergoing chemotherapy feel the need to regrow their hair once they are cured. There are multiple ways to cure this; both natural and artificial methods are available. And if you live in Ludhiana, then the hair transplant cost Ludhiana is very low, thus can be afforded by the common man.

Hair Transplant

A surgical treatment that involves removing the hair follicles from a particular part of your body with excessive hair growth (donor site) and placing those follicles in the area of your head with less hair growth (recipient site). Nowadays, hair transplants have become so common that hair transplant cost Ludhiana can be afforded by everyone. It lies anywhere in the range of INR 3500 to INR 75,000.

This surgery involves minimal invasiveness and is directly transplanted at the balding site. A graft is prepared to contain hair follicles most capable of hair growth and resistant to balding.

This procedure has been advanced to regrow thicker eyebrows, mustaches, and beard.

Advantages of a hair transplant

There are multiple advantages of getting a cost-effective hair transplant

  • Hair grows naturally
  • Your hair is transplanted. Thus the color is also the same
  • Ensures complete regrowth of hair in 8 to 10 months
  • Uses advanced surgical technology
  • Two popular procedures are the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • No chemical ingredients and products are used thus, is completely natural

Hair Transplant

The cost of the hair transplant depends on various factors like the location, the doctor, the surgical team, the kind of treatment, the area that needs to be treated, the pre and post-surgery care products, and the duration of the course of treatment.

Always consult an experienced doctor or a hospital renowned for hair transplants for their recommendation and advice. They understand your requirements better than online sites claiming of exuberant offers. Read about the procedures and the general information on hair transplants.


If you want to know the cheapest hair transplant cost Ludhiana, then the best time to avail of amazing discount offers is around festivals and special occasions. Visit the official website of the hospital where you want to get the surgery done and read about their policies. Compare different sites to avail of the best offer!