There are over two hundred ranking factors that are taken into account while ranking a website for search rankings on a particular keyword. Despite the presence of so many factors, a large part of the SEO discourse revolves around a handful of topics such as keywords, content, and backlinks.

While these factors are important, there are others which have a lot of influence on search rankings as well.

Have you ever wondered why even the most well-written and balanced blog post on an event cannot outrank a small article written by a prime news site? The same is true for writing a very articulate article on a figure or personality and get outranked by a Wikipedia in need of citations.

Popular new websites and encyclopedias like Wikipedia have very high domain authority. Also referred to as DA, domain authority is a metric valued between 0-100. A higher value of DA generally suggests that the website is more trustworthy, not only in terms of content but the general scheme of things.

Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz, a name highly recognizable in the field of digital marketing. As a metric, the purpose of DA is to compare websites to each other systematically.

In this article, we will discuss how the domain authority of a website can be improved.

Check the Quality of Backlinks

The quality of backlinks of a blog or website has a large role to play in determining the domain authority. Too many poor low DA websites linking to a blog can be harmful to the website and significantly lower the domain authority.

Ideally, bloggers and digital marketers should try and get backlinks from websites with a DA higher than their own. This can help them raise their own DA and enhance credibility which helps further increase search rankings.

Extend Expiration Date of Domain

Domain authority is a trust-score more than anything else. The higher the DA, the more a search engine can trust the website and rank it higher in search rankings. How can the DA score of a website be increased if the domain is about to expire in a small span of time?

Most bloggers and digital marketers who buy domains tend to do so for one year only. While one year may seem like a long time, it not in the eyes of Moz metrics that calculate DA in the first place. Top brands in the market such as Amazon, Google, and YouTube have long extended domain expiration dates. The domain of Google, for instance, expires in 2028. This inspires confidence in standard Moz metrics and helps increase the DA of a website.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two main ways the domain authority of a website can be increased. Digital marketers in the field should consider these tips carefully.

About the Author – KishanSoni is a highly well-regarded content specialist with over a decade of experience in the field. He currently writes for, a prime institute providing a best digital marketing course in Delhi.