How to Increase the Hair Density with Good Results?

If you notice the finest and lightest hair, followed by the loss of volume and capillary density, something is happening in your head. Given such a scenario there are two options, assume that baldness can come to stay or fight it if that is your desire and all the requirements to do so are clinically fulfilled. Hair loss responds to various reasons that have to do with hormonal and hereditary factors, but also with others that refer to stress, certain medical treatments or bad habits related to lifestyle. And it affects both men and women, although obviously they are the most exposed.

On the other hand, androgenetic alopecia, which has a mainly hereditary origin, is the most common form of baldness. It affects up to 80% of men and 40% of women at some point in their life. Their frequency increases with age and their cause is multifactorial so that they mainly influence genetics and hormonal causes, so it usually increases both its incidence and its intensity with age and, in women, especially after menopause. In this type of alopecia there is a loss of capillary density until it disappears in specific areas of the scalp, in which the hair follicles have more androgen receptors (male hormone): these areas are the entrances and the crown in men, while in women the loss of capillary density is usually more diffuse.

Diagnosis and treatment

Fortunately, this type of alopecia in the initial and intermediate stages is reversible, that is, it can be stopped and even recovered, while in the final stages the only solution is the hair transplant, which is why it is most advisable, given the slightest suspicion or symptom, seek an early diagnosis and the advice of a professional. At that time it will be possible to act as quickly as possible and consider some of the treatments:

  • A novel treatment to improve capillary density in androgenetic alopecia is capillary mesotherapy with dutasteride microinjections; this treatment consists of administering an antiandrogen drug directly to the hair follicles by multiple injections into the scalp under local anesthesia so that the procedure is painless.
  • Among the medical treatments used to improve capillary density in women is minoxidil, which has been classically used topically (in the form of a liquid or foam that is applied daily to the scalp);
  • However, for a short time, formulations can be used that allow it to be taken orally in patients who are not constant by applying topical treatments, either due to lack of time or because the product makes their hair dirty.
  • If you don’t get desired results from these methods then the only way is remaining in front of you is undergoing a hair transplant surgery. In order to increase the natural hair transplant ludhiana for your hair, it is important to choose the right doctor and surgeon who has experience of at least 4 years in his profession.

Keep in mind that it is important to be consistent with the treatments, and be patient, since it usually takes an average of about 6 months to begin to take effect, and they are long-term treatments, so they must be administered individually, analyzing the needs of each patient, their characteristics, the pathologies they present and the possible interactions with other medications that they take for other diseases and the lifestyle of each person, as well as their concerns and expectations.