No matter how hard you try it is difficult to keep your hair away from pollution. If you feel that pollution could only cause damage to your skin, then hair are equally prone to damage. On careful analysis hair and skin are the first areas subject to adverse impact on pollution. On our skin we can apply sunscreen, but what can be done with our hair.
Measures to protect your hair from harmful pollution
Covering your hair

When you are going out restrict exposure of hair to harmful pollutants. You need to tie your hair with hair band the moment you are stepping out. For women with coloured hair this equally stems to be important. Hair cuticles are prone to excessive sun damage which could be the main issue with hair dullness or a faded look. The best anti dandruff shampoo could prove to be a remedial measure. All this helps if you are residing in a windy area and being aware of the climatic conditions around your area can help to control negative impact on your hair.
Choice of styling products in a careful manner

Any hair styling products like hair sprays, thickening cream and even mousses has to be chosen in a careful manner. If build up occur on your scalp and hair strands, then it makes sense to opt for a light weight product.
Do not step out with oily or even wet hair

If you step out with wet or oily hair it will attract dirt particles which are going to stick to your hair and make it dirty.
Application of a sunscreen lotion for your hair

Just like ketomac anti dandruff shampoo does magic to your hair, it makes sense to invest in a quality hair sunscreen. When you are stepping out it protects your hair from harmful UV rays and even heat. The hair is able to retain its shine and texture.
Opt for steam

Steaming of hair once in 10 days is necessary as it will enable opening of the pores of hair which helps the hair to combat any deep rooted dirt particles.
A regular shampoo along with conditioning regime

The use of a gentle shampoo is recommended which will clean your hair but will not dry your scalp and hair. It does really important to keep your scalp and hair cleans so that it does not attract any major dirt. You can stick to a ketomac shampoo. The reason being it is a clinically approved shampoo which ensures lost sheen along with texture of your hair.

It is not only about internal care of your hair, but external factors do have an impact on your hair. Increase your intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and green leafy vegetables for the proper upkeep of your hair.

In addition to this do follow a regular hair care routine. Sticking to an anti-dandruff shampoo would help. Be sure about the ingredients of your shampoo and if you have doubts seek help from a professional.
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