Negative Reviews

Whether you run a hotel, a restaurant or a wine cellar you will know for sure that your guests now choose your property based on the opinions of those who have already been there.

Positive reviews are proof that your services are quality and the promised expectations are maintained. A small answer to those who have spent time to leave a comment in your favor is a great way to show that you care about your customers.

At some point, however, you will also be faced with those customers who publicly express their dissatisfaction through complaints and negative evaluations on your site or on your social pages. In the next few lines you will find some tips to better manage the negative reviews, which are not so catastrophic as is often believed, but represent a starting point for the future and an incentive to solve and improve. By responding in an authentic and constructive manner, you will be able to maintain the reputation gained with hard work or even turn a complaint into an opportunity to win over loyal customers.

So how can you respond to criticism correctly?

Your customers’ opinion is important so all negative reviews must receive a timely response, if possible within a few hours. The faster your reaction, the more credible your commitment to providing a great experience to your customers.

When you respond to criticism, the watchwords are diplomacy, respect and kindness. An answer too defensive or with aggressive tones is certainly a practice to be avoided since in the future it will discourage new customers to choose your proposals.

Always remember that your comment will be visible to everyone: stay professional, be courteous and never criticize the customer, blaming him or accusing him. On the contrary, it always tries to empathize with the one who has had a negative experience to formulate a personal and effective response that offers a solution.

Obviously you do not always have to indulge the customer: it is possible that you disagree with his opinion and you can explain your reasons, always in a friendly and respectful tone. However, in some cases the customer is rightly angry. So admit your mistakes, be ready to remedy and use this opportunity to show how important it is for you to satisfy your guests.

In the face of poor reviews it may seem that the way to indifference is much easier and quicker, so you might decide to delete comments that damage your reputation: it’s definitely not a good idea. They also contribute to the authenticity of your products and services.

So before you can consider this alternative, address negative feedback by putting these suggestions into practice and in a few lines you will be able to win back a dissatisfied guest and all other potential customers who will read the review.

Don’t close the doors to those who leave a negative review but ask them to come back. Not answering or answering the wrong way can damage your reputation and consequently your turnover. Trust our services to ensure constant monitoring of your audience’s sentiment and strengthen your property’s reputation!

Author Bio:

Maria graduated from the college of Sydney, and after that, she started working with a company called Reinstated Pros who do a consultation on amazon ungated categories. In the meantime, she manages her blog because Helen loves to travel around the world.