mojang support number and forget password

Minecraft is nothing less than a gem for the gamers. It is one of the most buzz game which has has created a broad fan base over the years. No wonders, it is still expanding.

To play this game, it is necessary to have a an android or IOS based device.

Players love to spend long hours on Minecraft game, in return Minecraft also take care of its users. At Minecraft, we assure to provide the best security to every account. Also, we offer a simple user base that makes it easier for players to manage their account.

For example, if you have forgotten your Minecraftpassoword, you don’t have to worry. Because unlike other complex games, Minecraft offers an extremly easy process to change password.

Forget Password For Minecraft

How To Recover Minecraft Password?

Have you forgotten your Minecraft password and want to recover it? You should follow the given steps:

  1. Click on forgot password which is located next to a password.
  2. Enter your email address, enter a captcha if given and reset your forgotten password.
  3. Having done that, go to your mailbox and open the email from Minecraft technical support team, click on the link in the email and enter your new password. After that, you can easily log in to your Minecraft account.

How To Change or Reset Your Minecraft Password?

The first way is to simply perform the forgot password procedure that is described above. Or if you want to change or reset Mojang password in general, you can simply follow the steps described below:

  1. Open Minecraft app
  2. Login to your Minecraft account using your old passoword.
  3. Go to your profile and edit profile.
  4. Now, click on “Change Password.”
  5. Enter your old password to confirm your identity and enter a new password.
  6. After doing that refresh the page and login again with new password and you’re all set.

Minecraft Password reset not working?

Still not able to reset your password? Don’t worry there can be some exceptional error. Try to refresh the page. If it still not works, you should contact the Minecraft customer service. They will guide you and help you to solve the issue.

Migrate Minecraft Account

Minecrat accounts that are created after Fall 2012, or migrated from the old account format are located on a Mojang account. While these accounts also in with the same email address, the older minecraft accounts that are not yet migrated are to be login with username. It is better to migrate your account to enjoy the new features and updates.

How to Migrate Mojang Account?

Migrating Mojang account to a new email address is a simple procedure. If you do not have access to or have forgotten the email address you originally registered with, you can migrate the account for you if you follow these steps:

  • Locate your transaction ID
  • Register a Mojang account, if you don't already have one
  • Contact Support and provide the email address registered to your Mojang account andyour transaction ID

What are the benefits of Migrating  yourMojang account?

If you’re using an old Minecraft account, it is better to Migrate it into a Mojang account, it will make your account more secured. Here are the benefits of migrating yourMojang account:

  • You can change your Minecraft email address and username
  • You can access all of your Minecraft games at one place
  • One Minecraft username can be used for other Mojang games
  • It makes your account more secured
  • Access to Minecraft Realms