Process of selecting best hand tools for woodworkers

Over time, there is an exposure to awkward postures or many harmful contact pressures that can contribute to an injury. You could reduce the risk of injury and if you are selecting hand tools from top tools manufacturing companies in India.

Tips how to select hand tools from the manufacturer in India

Tools used for power requires high forces. Tools used for accuracy and precision, which requires low forces.

  1. Some single hand tools which are used for power tasks: select some tools which feel comfortable with a handle of diameter in the range of 1 ¼ inch and scales to 2 inches. You could increase the width by adding some sleeve to the handle.
  2. For anyone with single handle tools used generally for precision tasks: select any tool with any handle diameter of a ¼ inch and ½ inch.
  3. Doe double handle tools like any plier which is used for power task: select any tool with a grip span which is at least 2 inches when it is fully closed, and there are no more than 3 ½ inches when it fully open. When it is a constant force, consider using a clamp, a locking plier or a grip.
  4. For double handle tools which are used for precision tasks: select any tool which has a grip span that is not less than 1 inch and when fully closed and not more than 3 inches when fully open.
  5. If looking for any double handled gripping, pinching or may be any cutting tools: select any tool with the handles which are spring loaded to the return handles and the open position.
  6. Select any device without fingers grooves and sharp edges on the handle.
  7. Select any tool which is coated with soft material. Adding any sleeve to the handle pads the surface but it also increases the diameter and the grip span of the handle.
  8. Select any tool with an angle that allows anyone to work with a straight wrist. Some of the tools are with bent handles and are also better than those with straight handles when there is a need to apply horizontally. A tool that is with consecutive stems is much better than those handing curved handles if the force is applied vertically.
  9. Select any device that could be used with the dominant hands and with either sides.
  10. For the task which require high forces: select any tool that handles length which is longer than the broadest part of the hand- it is usually between 4 inches and 6 inches. Prevent contact pressures by making sure the end of the handle that does not press on the blood vessels and nerves in the palm. If the stem is very short, the period will press against them, and it may cause an injury.

Select any tool which has a non-slippery surface for a better grip. Adding a sleeve to the tool also improves the surface texture of the handles. To prevent the tool from slipping within the sleeve, make sure that the sleeve will fit snugly during any use.