Though the weather of Coral Springs is very pleasant at this time and you can enjoy to the maximum but with coming up of winter season you need to add a protective layer to your valuables. Especially when you talk about the furniture you need to be very careful on that. In that case, there are some storage units Coral Springs which can be an aid but leaving that given below are some tips on how to store your furniture during winters.

Make sure to clean it up before storing

The most important step while preparing your furniture for storage is to get it clean at the first phase. Moisture and dirt left on outdoor items can further result in mould or mildew to come up in the winter months which can be a problem. Mould can grow and increase at a very fast phase, as a result, your furniture will turn out to be in a bad shape by the time you are all set to get it into use again. Pieces made from wicker, wrought iron, mesh or plastic can be wiped off by using a simple dish soap and water solution.

For wood furniture, however, you can make use of Murphy Oil Soap and water, then rinse and let it dry. If you still see stains that are not easy to remove, make a mixture of 1 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1-gallon water.

Use a soft brush to remove the stains, then rinse and let it dry totally. Take ample time to work on stains now, to avert problems in the spring. Cushions also are in a need to be cleaned and dried before you put them away for the winter.

If you have cushions covered in fabric or canvas, make a solution of 1/2 cup Lysol and 1-gallon hot water and use a soft brush to scrub them and remove the dirt. Rinse cushions carefully and let dry. More serious stains may work well if you make a solution of 1/2 cup bleach and 1-gallon water, but test first on a small area before full application

Go for a layer to coat it

Once you are done with the cleaning of the furniture, a protective coating should be there so as to keep it in a good condition for next spring.

Aluminum or plastic pieces can be kept in coverage by using of car wax to guard them and use a coat of paste wax for wicker furniture. Keep a check on metal furniture for any sign such as there is no rust and if you observe such thing remove with a wire brush, then further spray metal furniture with a silicone sealant for protection.

Keep in undercover

Furniture covers are great things which serve as additional protection from the elements, even if you are storing your pieces in some shed or garage. Covers come in a huge range where you get different ones for all the sizes and weights, depending on whether you will be storing items outside or under a covered area.

Thus this is the method which you need to go for preserving furniture
Written by Sandeep
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