Kerala tour packages

It is not possible to cover the whole of Kerala in even few Kerala tour packages as there are a lot of places that need to be explored in to understand various cultures within this state itself. Kerala is a state which consists of fourteen districts which are having its own nature of behavior. Subsequently, there are numerous tourist places spread across the state. Not only to the foreigners to Kerala but even to the people who are living in Kerala, there is the requirement to visit all the possible destinations and experience the journey in understanding the components which bind them together. Although it has distinct traditions, there are threads that put them together.

Which are the major places to visit in Kerala?

The selection of the places varies in accordance with the taste of the traveler as the state is spread from the range of sea coast to the hilly areas, in between accommodating hot district.

The hilly areas consist of Idukki and Wayanad district where it is the feeling of high-range destinations. The destinations there are cold in comparison to the other places.

In the district of Kannur situates the Baikal fort which is known for boat riding and other such facilities presented with historical evidence.

Athirappallu and Vazhachaal are other significant places where tourist come running. Peechi dam follows next. Chaavakkad is a beach is another attractive sceneries.

If the visitor is more into the watery areas, there is Alappuzha and Ernakulam where there are rivers, ponds and lakes. The water irrigation facilities and dam are established in these areas of the state from where the entire population is facilitated with water. Thanneermukkam bund and Thottappilly Spillway are the major standouts in Kuttanad Lake. Idukki dam is another such important place to visit in Kerala tour packages.

Palakkad is a district where the heat is more in comparison. Here situates the Tippu Sultan’s Fort. This is a place that shares the border with Tamil Nadu. Adequately, there is a perfect blending of the culture of Kerala with Tamil Nadu to the people living here. Attappadi and Nelliampathy are topmost tourist place in the category where they are selected for the view of waterfalls.

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala state situates in the lower part of Kerala that also has the common boundary with Tamil Nadu. This is a place that is nearby the Arabian Sea. The sunrise and sunset are the significant events that the tourists visit waiting early morning and late evening. Vivekananda statue and other historical evidence of his life are presented in the border of Trivandrum and Kanyakumari.

Kappad Beach and Thamarasseri charm are also very popular in terms of tourist place for the specialties it holds of.

What one needs to know about Kerala tour packages?

As a conclusion, Kerala is a state that holds a variety of places where it is impossible to have full coverage within a package. It requires so many days and visits to have a view of all the places. Even the visited places carry a whole different feeling on its another visit.