Cervical Decompression in Case of Stenosis


Cervical spine refers to the neck portion that comprises of seven vertebrae. Any disorder in the cervical region requires medical attention. Ignoring the pain and discomfort can lead to severe complications.

If you approach the doctors immediately after feeling the pain in your cervical region, it is possible that the doctors can cure the disorder through medicines and physical therapies.

But, in the case of delay, the patient will have to undergo the Cervical Decompression Treatment in India, which is usually surgical. It is because the treatment by non-surgical ways gets nearly impossible in extremities.

Possible Complications of Not Undergoing Cervical Treatment:

Not undergoing cervical treatment can result in severe complications in the entire spinal cord. Avoiding the surgery for a long time can rupture your spinal cord forever. The intensity of risks and side-effects depend on the cause of the cervical disorder. It may be either because of narrowing of the spinal canal or due to compression of nerves due to pressure from bones or other bony structures. Some of the common complications of leaving the cervical disorder untreated are:

  • Positional changes in limbs, both the arms and legs.
  • You may suffer difficulty in balancing the body, fumbling and fall often.
  • Nerval damage may result in paralysis and also prove to be fatal.
  • Inability to perform your daily task effectively due to loss of control in your motor tasks like holding things, buttoning your shirt, tying shoelaces, knotting, typing, texting, writing and many more.
  • The patient may have changes in bladder and bowel functioning. The possible result can be loss of senses on an urge to urinate.
  • One can also bear pain, numbness and weakness in the lower back, spine and legs.
  • Yet another symptom of the cervical disorder can be neurogenic claudication. The result is a patient suffering from cramps and pain due to nerve problems in different parts of the body.

It is better to consult the neurosurgeon if you face consistent pain in your cervical region. Cure the disease before the problem increase.

It is possible to get 100% successful treatment in India for cervical disorders no matter what is the cause of the disease or how complicated is the health issue. Ignoring the problem in adults can result in spreading of the nervous disorder to Lumbar spine.

It is better to look for a timely cure. In case, you stay out of India and wish to avail the treatment in the country; you can contact top medical tourism companies of India. They will make all the arrangements for your treatment, offering you ease and convenience.

Final Words:

Not only the success rate of treatment is high in India, but, there is yet another benefit for healthcare travellers. The Cervical Treatment Cost in India is very less. It is about one-third the price of surgical procedures in any other country of the world; offering quality treatment. So, say goodbye to the chronic pain that bothers your daily life and sway back to a healthy life after cervical decompression in India.