What gifts would be Great for a kid’s Birthday Party?

Have you been invited to the birthday of a child under 10, but you just don’t know what gift to buy? Don’t worry, this is more than normal indecision. We want to help you with a brief overview of what are in our opinion the most interesting gift ideas for a child under 10 years of age. Birthdays are an opportunity to tell that special person how much it is that you are glad that he is one more year old.

From behavioral psychology, gifts are translated and interpreted as “reinforcements”, that is, elements that will contribute, through the prize, to reinforce -compute, validate and establish- a type of behavior that the individual, in this case, our children, has understood as profitable, that it is beneficial and favorable. If a child receives a gift, automatically, in their internal jurisdiction, they will associate their obtaining with the fact of being rewarded for a certain attitude or behavior.

It is important that, as parents, we have a clear guideline on how we want our children’s gifts to be so that we can share it with other family and friends. This can help us this small classification of gifts in three types:

  • Functional Gifts: Things the child needs, even if he doesn’t want to.
  • Requested Gifts: Things that the child is excited about and demanded.
  • Educational Gifts: Things that, although you have not requested or are necessary, we consider positive for their development.
  • Décor Gifts: Things that are being used for the decorations and

Children who love school

Although it may seem strange, today’s children really love going to school, reading, studying, learning. They are smart, intelligent children who know new technologies and who want to be able to discover everything, absolutely everything, about the world in which they live. Children who like to go to school also need a new backpack that is really very resistant and capacious and that is suitable for their back, so as to never run into posture problems or various types of pain.

The wonder world of hobbies

Older generations usually developed a love for a particular hobby around 12 or 13 years old. Today’s children are much better than the new generations and in fact, develop a love for a particular activity much earlier. Here then is the best thing to do is to find out what is this hobby that they love to carry on or would like to undertake and behave accordingly.

A gift for the bedroom

You must not think that children of this age do not appreciate gifts for their bedroom, gifts that are indeed always welcome as they begin to want a bit of independence and want to be able to express their personality at best. You can then choose for them a beautiful picture of a landscape, personalized box frames cheerful and colorful, or the giant print of a family photograph to which they are particularly attached.

You can also opt for a beautiful desk lamp, modern and very nice, ideal for reading and studying, but also simply to embellish the bedroom.