Scans are quite common these days. Whether to diagnose a health condition take decision related to future treatment or surgery; these scans are really effective and useful.  Doctors, without even doing the operation or making any invasion can get to know about what is going on in your body. Whether CT, MRI or PET scans; these are dominating the treatments and medicine world.

You can easily find a Petct scan Bangalore to make sure that you get proper treatment. Sometimes your general doctors suggest you to go for this scanning procedure.To be more concise, positron emission tomography (PET) makes use of tiny amounts of radioactive materials known as radiotracers. A proper exclusive camera and a computer are there in the machine to help evaluate the functionality of your organ and tissue. By classifying body changes at the cellular level, PET can detect the early start of disease before it is obvious on other imaging tests.

However, you must inform your doctor if there’s a chance you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. The doctor is going to instruct you based on the kind of exam to be carried out. You must discuss any recent ailments, medical conditions, medications that you are taking and allergies – mainly to contrast material. There is also a chance that you would be told not to eat anything and to drink just water various hours before your scan.  Similarly, you have to leave the jewellery home before you go for this scanning. Even if you are wearing anything that has metal in it, you would be instructed to take it off. It is also likely that the doctors might tell you about change into a hospital gown. It is to ensure that there are no metal accessories attached to the clothes.

In simple words: what do you mean by PET?

Positron emission tomography, also named PET imaging or a PET scan, is a kind of nuclear medicine imaging. Nuclear medicine is a division of medical imaging that make use of tiny amounts of radioactive material to identify and determine the severity of or treat  plenty of ailments, like many kinds of cancers, gastrointestinal, heart disease, endocrine, neurological disorders and different other abnormalities inside the body. Since these nuclear medicine procedures are in a position to pinpoint molecular activity inside the body, they cater the potential to discover ailments in its earliest stages as well as a patient’s instant response to therapeutic interventions.

These nuclear medicine imaging procedures are non-invasive and, with the exclusion of intravenous injections, are generally painless medical tests. Thesetests help physicians diagnose and examine the medical conditions. These imaging scans make use of radioactive materials known as radiopharmaceuticals or radiotracers.Radiotracers are particles linked to, or labelled with a tiny sum of radioactive material that can be noticed on the PET scan. These are designed to gather in cancerous tumours or regions of inflammation. They can even be formed to bind to particular proteins in the body. The most generally used radiotracer is F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose, or that of FDG, a molecule similar to glucose.

Similarly it might also be informative for you to know that cancer cells can absorb glucose at a higher rate, getting more metabolically active. Such a higher rate could be seen on PET scans, and that permits your doctor to discover ailment before it might be seen on other imaging examinations. FDG is just one of various radiotracers in use or in formation for a variety of conditions across the body.

Depending on the kind of nuclear medicine exam, the radiotracer is injected into your body or swallowed or inhaled as a gas and finally accumulates in the area of the body getting examined. Radioactive emissions from the radiotracer are sensed by a special camera or imaging device that generates pictures and catersmolecular information.

In various centers, nuclear medicine images could be superimposed with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) to generate special views, a practice called imagefusion or co-registration. These reviews permit the information from two diverse tests to be connected and interpreted on a single image, heading to more precise information and right diagnoses.  Moreover, these days manufacturers are formingsingle photon emission computed tomography or computed tomography (SPECT/CT) and that of positron emission tomography or computed tomography (PET/CT) units that are in a position to carry out both imaging exams simultaneously.

Talking about A PET, this scan measures important body functions,  like oxygen use, blood flow, and sugar (glucose) metabolism, to assist the doctors to know how good these organs and tissues functioning. These CT imaging make use of special x-ray equipment, and in some instances a contrast material, to generate manifold images or pictures of the inside of humanbody. These images can then get interpreted by a radiologist on the computer monitor. CT imaging caters brilliant anatomic data.

For your information, in the present time nearlyall the PET scans are performed on instruments that are linked PET and CT scanners. The combined PET/CT scans cater images that locate the anatomic location of abnormal metabolic activity inside the body. The combined scans have been seen to cater more accurate diagnoses than that of the two scans carried out separately. PET and PET/CT scans are employed to:

          Discover cancer.

          Decide whether a cancer has scattered in the body.

          Measure the effectiveness of a treatment plan, like that of cancer therapy.

          Find out if a cancer has returned after treatment.

          Control the blood flow to the heart muscle.

          Find out the effects of a heart attack, or myocardial infarction, on zones of the heart.

          Discover the areas of the heart muscle that might benefit from a procedure such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery (in combination with a myocardial perfusion scan).

These are a few of the many procedures and treatments wherein PET is used.

Thus, you can go to pet CT scan centres in Bangalore and get your body scanned for instant and effective information. Once you know what is going on with your body only then the next step be taken.
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