Birthday’s celebration is just like an occasion where the whole of the family gets together to celebrate this occasion. People send and receive a birthday cake from their relatives or friends. Nowadays it is possible that people can order birthday cakes online. The researchers said that the first birthday cake is been made in the Middle Ages in Germany. All the German people would celebrate the birthday of their children with cake, known as Kinderfest celebration. The cupcakes were initially an unfinished product, similar to bread, and later they became a much sweeter version, called Geburtstagorten.

In the seventeenth century, birthday cakes were made with more elaboration details like decorations, layers and like flowers and at that time this type of cake was only affordable for the wealthy and upper class due to the high price ingredients, which makes the cost of cake very high.

In the 18th century, food and baking tools and utensils became more accessible or easy to available in the market, so that cake became affordable. With that, the price of the cakes dropped drastically, and the number of cakes produced increased.
The Basic reason why people eat cake on their birthdays:-No birthday is complete without a bit of cake; after all, it makes a year more a little more bearable.
1. Ancient Greece: the one who brings cakes
Although they were not used to celebrate birthdays, round cakes and candles in ancient Greece they honoured Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The round cakes were meant to look like the moon, and the candles at the top made the cakes emit light just like, people guessed it, the moon. Greece was very creative,
2. Birthday + Cake   = Love
It was not until later (during the Middle Ages) that the cakes originate their true calling: to celebrate a birthday of anyone with any age. Called Kinderfeste; this German version of a birthday party of a child which included a cake with lots of candles, one for every year they had lived and one extra candle for the coming year, and humanity went one step closer to the origin of the birthday cake as all people know.
3. Sugar, spices and everything good
During the Middle Ages, the sweet-flavoured cakes to which we are used to would only have been for the rich. Always be thankful to the Revolution in the industries, due to this sugar and other ingredients needed for a cake was available to everyone. Thus, cakes became a sugary and significant part of our lives.
4. Cake; The magician
A birthday cake can be a mode to celebrate a birthday, but people can predict the future with this. In the Southern tradition, the number of candles that have left after the blows will tell the people how old they are until they getting married, without pressure or anything.
Birthday cakes have a long and complicated history, but one thing is very sure that is: no birthday is complete without a cake. Anyone can send online birthday cakesto their loved ones. White, marble, chocolate, German chocolate, ice cream: there are various types of birthday cakes are baked in the world, each beautiful in its way.
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