Your Complete Guide about Concertina Wire

Concertina wires or Dannert wires are widely used in fencing. These wires are used for additional protection. You can easily use concertina wires on the top of your brick walls or any other type of fencing. Concertina wires were an accidental invention that happened during the first World Wire. The soldiers used normal barbed wires to manufacture the circular Concertina wires. Since these are effective, their popularity soared fast and now the wires are made specially in factories.

In general, Concertina wires are a kind of barbed or razor wires that are made large circular coils and can be expanded like a concertina.


Concertina wires are widely used in military facilities, prisons and detention camps. It is also used in international borders between the two countries and other high-security facilities. Common people are also now using Concertina coil fencein their homes.


Concertina wires were invented by soldiers during world war 1. The initial prototype was called Dannert Wire.

  • Dannert Wires

German soldiers invented the Concertina wires. They used oil-coated normal barbed wires to make them. These wires were hard to cut and also hard to climb. Horst Dannert made first Concertina wire in the 1930s with high-quality steel barbed wires. He invented self-supporting wires that did not require any vertical posts for installation. Commercial concertina coil suppliers say that this old process is still followed to some extent.

Britain imported the Dannert wire before world war second. It became extremely popular and manufacturers often used low-quality steel wires to produce Concertina wires. But these were easier to cut and damage and people stopped using the low-quality product.

  • Tripple Concertina Wire

It is a more modern version. In this case, two parallel concertina wires are joined with each other by twisting them. Third concertina wire is also attached. This makes a very durable and secure barrier with random attachments. Usually, a triple concertina fence can be installed very quickly. Only four to five men can install 50 meters of triple concertina wires in just fifteen minutes. These triple concertinas can also be straightened using uprights but that makes the installation process more time-consuming.

Features of Concertina Coil Fence

  1. The wires are nearly impossible to cut and climb
  2. The concertina wires are portable and lightweight. Hence, you can transfer them to another place easily.
  3. The wires are reasonable.
  4. They are durable
  5. Can be installed easily.
  6. The wires contain a lot of barbs and offer great protection.
  7. The wires are corrosion-proof.
  8. Can be assembled with other wired fences
  9. You can install them anywhere.
  10. You can find different styles.
  11. The wires can be customized as per your requirement.

Concertina wires are now an essential part of fencing. It is often used dor extra protection. If you want to install a concertina wire fence then it is advised that you do detailed research before buying them. You can ask the experts for guidance and helps. You can also buy concertina wires made of different quality wires.